The Process of Creativity

Our red rock traditions’ team loves bringing new ideas to help families create meaningful, lasting traditions that help them connect and bond every day. You can imagine a pipeline of ideas constantly flowing from the minds of our Product Development team.

Concepts originate in a multitude of ways! Some as a variation of a personal favorite… others, as a “Wish we would have done that” tradition! Then, a handful are transformed into interactive product designs! However, it is in the final phase of development where our products come to life.

Introducing, Creative Writer, Patrick Regan. Patrick has been a writer for almost 25 years and also has plenty of experience being an editorial and creative director for a publishing company, working with some of the most creative folks who have ever put pen to paper including Gary Larson, creator of the Far Side cartoon, Jack Handey (of SNL’s Deep Thoughts), humor writer Dave Barry, and many others. Patrick does an amazing job complimenting our designs with his clever, fun and quirky writing!

I, Jason, had the pleasure of diving into this creative mind with a short Q&A session:

Q&A with Patrick Regan

Jason: “What do you enjoy most about writing for red rock traditions?”

Patrick: “What attracted me immediately to red rock traditions and its products was the family ethos that pervades everything the company produces. One big reason I left my publishing job and became an independent writer was so that I could structure my schedule around my kids. I have always loved playing with my kids, reading to and with my kids, building blanket forts, refrigerator box mazes, stick teepees, going on ‘adventures’ in the park, etc.”

Patrick continues: “I firmly believe that there is nothing, nothing so formative for kids than spending significant time with engaged parents (i.e. parents not staring at their phones or multi-tasking). In red rock traditions, I see a company that clearly shares that belief. I love that red rock’s products are so focused on bringing family members together in creative, engaging ways.”

Jason: “What current red rock product was the most enjoyable/fun product to write about? Why?”

Patrick: “I absolutely loved working on Fling It and Bring It. My whole focus was to get kids to do silly things. While working on the game, I “road-tested” it with my 8-year-old son and a few of his friends one Saturday morning. Three minutes in, they were laughing so hard (at themselves and each other) that the game totally devolved into a silly, wriggling puddle of third-graders on the kitchen floor. They were taking it in all kinds of unexpected directions and just cracking each other up. I immediately knew I had it right!”

Patrick is currently working on a few products he is really excited about…but you’ll have to wait until February 2018, to hear about those items!

In the meantime, be sure to check out all of our current selection of products that are perfect for this holiday season!

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