Tell Me Please

Kids love a good story! Parents love interesting and fun conversation, too! Parent’s especially yearn for moments when children share their own stories. Choosing the right conversation starters to encourage this type of sharing can be a challenge. And while family dinner time seems like an ideal place to start, all too often, the daily grind of work and life start to dwindle down at parents’ best intentions to engage in meaningful and quality conversation around the dinner table.

The great news is that most parents are continuously thinking, deeply, about ways to create safe and happy families, where sharing and real connection happens… frequently.

This is why redrock traditions exists! We are designing solutions to help you make the most of your together-time. Ultimately, to create an environment where kids (and adults) come home to… to share the best and even the not-so-great moments with each other.

One customer favorite is the Tell Me Conversation Blocks. There are no rules, no rights or wrongs. This clever set of blocks with picture prompts helps encourage connection and interaction through imagination, creativity, storytelling, dreams, wishes and journeys down memory lane. This popular item is apt for a range of ages. Adults, younger children and older siblings can all easily engage, let their imaginations run wild and together, keep the conversation flowing!

One of our customers described how Tell Me Conversation Blocks helps her and her husband connect with their young daughter, even in the midst of their very busy lives. “My husband and I own a business, and sometimes it’s hard at dinner time to talk about other things besides what’s going on and things we need to do the following day. This conversation is super boring for our 9 year old… we use the blocks to get us focused on family and to help include our daughter in the conversation. It’s also super fun to hear her memories since kids see the world differently.”

Our goal is to help create sparking ideas and easy-to-engage solutions for stronger family connections and positive environments… where children can freely share and just be. This sort of intentional parenting might just carry forward to future generations. Sound like a large feat? Yep – we are with you. We do know that these connections start now and they can start with you!

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