Spring is in the Air

Ahhh, it’s that time of year when the sun is shining, the temperature is rising and spring has finally arrived. And for those living in much cooler states, spring couldn’t come soon enough!

We at red rock traditions are all about bringing families closer, no matter the outward circumstances… including the weather! But as the temperatures rise and the winter blues wear off, family outdoor together-time is hard to beat.

Here are a few simple and fun ways for your family to take advantage of the warm, fresh spring air.

Start New Easter Traditions

Easter is a perfect way to spend time with your family and remember the reason for the season. Get creative and switch up your Easter Sunday activities. Countries from around the world celebrate Easter in a variety of fun, family friendly ways that could work great for your family! Click HERE for more ideas.

We’ve recently introduced some products to share this Easter – some thoughtful, and some just plain fun!

Make Grass-Stained Feet a Priority

Before we know it, our lawns will turn beautifully green, and weekly yard upkeep will be in motion.  So why not enjoy your hard work and spend quality family time on the lawn…barefoot of course! Plan a BBQ, start an epic water balloon fight, or try new yard games. Our Fling It & Ring it game will be a good place to start!

Fire Up the Fire Pit

Keep the outside vibes alive by firing up the fire pit for those cooler spring evenings. Along with creating the deliciously sticky marshmallow-gram-cracker-Hershey’s chocolate classic, have fun with the kids and try new ingredients! A personal favorite; marshmallow with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup… yum! Throw in some campfire songs, legendary family stories and you have yourself a perfect family evening.

Tired of looking for perfectly sized tree twigs to roast your marshmallows? Look no further! S’more Please Campfire Forks are here to help!

Don’t have a fire pit? Click HERE for awesome and affordable ways to build your own fire pit.

Take a Road Trip

Minimize your family traveling expenses and maximize your time together with a family road trip! Whether your road trip is for the scenic route, the destination itself, or both, extended car rides can be the ideal space for plenty of fun and laughter. Don’t believe us? Put our Road Trip Activity Cards to the ultimate test!

Stuck on a destination to visit? Here is a great resource no matter where you live in the states: 31 Ultimate Family Road Trips

Here’s to a new spring season that is full of warm sunshine, fresh air and precious time with your family. Happy first day of spring!


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