GCC-CPSIA Compliance

General Conformity Certificates (GCC’s) are required under Section 102 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 [Public Law 110-314] in accordance with a reasonable testing program. These documents certify that children’s products and certain types of non-children’s products comply with all applicable CPSC rules and standards, and helps to ensure the safety of consumer products imported to the United States. red rock traditions is happy to make these certificates available.

Please enter the Item #, Lot # and Manufacturing Date found on your product label in order to access the corresponding GCC. All fields are required. The GCC displayed after searching for a product will show the conformity results for that named product and lot. Please remember that certificates are only available for those products that are considered to be toys or children’s products, and certain types of non-children’s products.