five family resolutions

Happy New Year! Yes, in the blink of an eye, 2018 has arrived. The beginning of a new year is always a great time to set goals, ambitions and dreams to see through, especially when it pertains to your entire family. No matter how young or old your kids may be, no matter how big or small your goals and dreams, family resolutions can be a perfect and fun way to kick off the New Year! Here are some ideas…

#1: Family Meals

According to extensive research on the topic of family mealtime, having five meals together per week can have a significantly positive impact on your family. This time around the table becomes less about the food and more about fostering relationships with your loved ones. Having mealtime with your family can help promote a sense of identity and belonging for both young children and adolescents. It may be one of the few spaces your children are comfortable sharing and opening up about their personal lives. What an opportunity to connect with your family!

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution idea: If having five family meals per week sounds a bit lofty, aim for three family meals a week and work up from there! You can even involve your kiddos in the meal prep process. More on that later…

Let us help! We have plenty of ways to get your family talking at the table:

#2: Chip Away at Your Bucket List

Now is the time to plan and complete some of those exciting items on your bucket list, both big and small! Don’t have the resources to plan that overseas family vacation? Go for small, more attainable (and still fun!) bucket list items such as putting together a lemonade stand, baking cookies for a neighbor or go star gazing!

Need more ideas for small family bucket list items? Check out these 101 Family Friendly Bucket List Ideas.

#3: Put the Phone Away

How about unplugging for family time and attention? We know, it’s so easy to get glued to our phone even when family fun is going on all around us! But remember, phones are made for communicating with people, not avoiding them. So put down your phone and enjoy the refreshment of family interaction and attentiveness.

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution idea: Whenever you are home from your life’s daily outings, minimize your time on your phone by placing it in a designated area to remind you of your intention to be present with those you love.

#4: Practice Being Thankful… Often

Countless studies have shown how practicing gratitude regularly can be essential to the overall health and well-being of individuals and families. It is a very helpful way to shift our perspective on everyday life and truly realize the many blessings all around us!

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution idea: Every time you have a family meal, go around the table and invite each person share at least one thing that they are thankful for. Make this a regular activity and watch your family grow in gratitude!

#5: Cook or Bake as a Family

Meal prepping can be a perfect – and probably messy – time to spend with family. No matter the age of your kiddos, you can always find a task for them to do. Have a toddler? Give them simple tasks like handing you cooking tools or pushing the button for the rice cooker or crock pot. Have tweens or teens? Include them in the meal planning process and teach them the essential cooking skills! What about the baby in the family? Make them the taste tester, of course!

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution idea: Prepare a meal as a family at least once a week and let creativity, laughter and a downright messy counter-tops fill your kitchen!

We have some fun and beautiful items to help you make the most of it!

At redrock traditions, we are all about bringing families closer together, and we hope that your new year is full of amazing, fun and intentional time with your family. Here’s to your 2018 family resolutions!

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