Eating Together – More Than Just a Meal

“Where did the time go?” I am sure we have all heard this question many times throughout our lives, particularly from those with very busy schedules! The daily, weekly and monthly tasks that grab our attention can quickly steer us away from quality time with our families, particularly mealtime.

Countless surveys and studies have shown just how essential consistent family mealtime can be for the overall health of a family. Now, we can go on and on about what exactly turned family mealtime into a seemingly impossible feat; increase in technology, dual-income households, kids’ extra activities, etc. Regardless of the cause, having regular family mealtime is a common challenge for the average American household. Thankfully, there are numerous resources to help make the most of mealtime together.

According to extensive research on the topic of family mealtime, having around five meals per week significantly helps reduce the likelihood of your children smoking, becoming involved in illegal behavior, under-performing in school, developing depressive symptoms and more. Is it the good ol’ mom’s cooking that is solely helping reduce these risks? Although it may improve your kids’ health to eat more home-cooked meals rather than going out for fast-food, the time around the table becomes less about the food and more about fostering relationships with your loved ones.

Having mealtime with your family (without the TV on!) can help promote a sense of identity and belonging to both young children and adolescents. And if your family time around the table is consistent and intentional, it may be one of the few spaces your children are comfortable sharing and opening up about their personal lives. What an opportunity to connect with your kids!

This is why here at redrock traditions, we are so passionate and invested in helping families connect in our busy – and at times distracting – society… and we hope that our product ideas help foster your family to connect in new ways the next time you sit down with your family for a meal! Be sure to check out our selection!

Now that we have discussed the importance of mealtime with our loved ones, we would love to hear how your family has been intentional in connecting with each other during a mealtime. Please share in the comments section below!

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