a weekend to remember

Earlier this month we held our first ever red rock traditions Annual Conference… and did we have a blast! Consultants from around the country came to participate in our very eventful weekend full of networking, training, bonding and plenty of laughter.
We also wanted to thank all who attended! We are still very excited about the new friendships and fantastic memories we made while reaffirming our mission to help strengthen families through sharing and celebrating traditions.

We had a blast providing the Consultants with a very warm and excited red rock welcome! (Video Here!)

One of the best highlights of the weekend was our new product revealing. During the weekend, we introduced just under 40 new items displayed beautifully throughout our product-revealing room! Our participants had a very hard time leaving the room for other weekend activities…




Our guests had a blast participating in our Murder Mystery Dinner! “Murder at the Masquerade”



Consultants also had plenty of opportunities for hands-on training from our very own staff to help them grow their business.



And lastly, we ended our fantastic weekend by dining and celebrating the past year and spectacular achievements from many of our Consultants.



We were thrilled that our participants left with wonderful take-aways to be inspired to dream big this Fall with incredible celebration and encouragement with the red rock traditions family. Be sure to search “#rtconference17” on Facebook to see more photos and videos of our fantastic weekend!


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