A Table of Blessings

Meals around the table can become a regular time to express and celebrate the simple and the extraordinary blessings of life. A blessing can enrich the comradery of a family and continue as a positive reinforcement from generation to generation… and sharing our Simple Blessings Cup around the table can affirm each participant’s rightful place of belonging to an intentional, loving family!

As the holiday season quickly approaches, many of us will be spending precious time with immediate and extended family members. Capture these fun moments of togetherness by bringing out the Simple Blessings Cup to commemorate a family member’s achievement or the special holiday event in a fresh and meaningful way. One new tradition can involve passing around a cup of wine (or grape juice!) and letting each participant take a sip to symbolically receive a blessing – a gift of affirmation and encouragement – or to richly express praise, celebration and family unity.

While many families may find it truly special to sip from the cup, others may not love the idea of a communal vessel. No problem – family members can preserve the essence of being honored to participate, share blessings and celebrate life with the Simple Blessings Cup with this “sweet” idea:

Start by pouring a bag of colored gumballs or M&M’s into the Simple Blessings Cup. Then, pass the cup around and have each person choose one candy to share and celebrate someone who has made a positive mark on their lives, based on the candy color they picked. You can create your own meaningful questions! Here are some ideas…

– Red: Share how each of your parents has been a blessing to you.
– Green: Share how your child (or sibling) has been a blessing to you.
– Orange: How has one of your teachers (coaches or mentors) been a blessing to you?
– Yellow: How has a friend been a blessing to you?
– Blue: Describe someone in community for whom you would you like to express appreciation

Let the blessings begin!

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